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My Books



Dear Reader,

I am not trying to tell you what to believe. In fact, just a few years ago I myself would have thought that this whole book was nonsense. Maybe it is nonsense. Maybe I made the whole thing up. Maybe I didnít. But if you are ready for a change, I do want to bring you hope.

This book is a messenger of the hope, the light and the healing that is available to every single one of us. We are all divine. We are all beings of light.

We all have the choice of no longer accepting pain and suffering as being part of our lives. We can choose to heal our hurts, strive towards consciousness, and be everything that we were truly meant to be.

Download chapter 1 as pdf document to read a sample from the book.

Recieve the complete book as a PDF document by making a donation of $3 through PayPal



I would like to share with you some of my stories of multidimentional experiences, so-called White Magic.

What people might call white magic is basically a matter of moving energy and moving between alternate realities. To be able to do that you have to let go of your mind because your brain is only designed for the usual three dimensions and that will not be enough. Letting go of my mind was a very hard thing for me to do, being accumstomed to a world of logic, chemestry and computers. I had to learn to listen to my inner voice and follow it without any useful explanation or justification. Once I took the chance I found that an abundance of adventures were waiting for me and that realization made it easier for me to let go of my mind more and more.

Far too many of us let ourselves be limited by our minds to the confinement of three dimensions. Life can be so much more and be so much more fun. If I can do it you certainly can too.

You do not need many years of experience. I started down this path only two years ago. You just need to open yourself to the possibility of your world being quite a lot bigger than you thought.

I believe that being completely honest most of us have had experiences that did not entirely fit our usual conception of reality. If you find my approach to life interesting, know that nothing but you are holding you back from opening up to the endless possibilities of a multidimensional life.

I have included in this book shorter and longer tales of white magic from my own life in the past year as well as a story about a pair of magical earrings. For inspiration I have also been given permission by my colleague Bradford Ragozy to include his account of a perfectly normal day in Chinatown, San Francisco.

I hope you will enjoy the journey into another reality and feel inspired to create your own.

Recieve the complete book as a PDF document by making a donation of $3 through PayPal



Just two years ago only a few very visionary people kept insisting that our world was about to go through vast changes, and I certainly wasn't one of them. Few people listened to the visionaries. Even fewer people believed the message. Today we are right in the middle of these changes.

Some people talk about 2012, implying that something dramatic will happen to our world on December 21. 2012. I don't believe that, since the changes are happening right now. I don't believe in the end of the world but I do believe in the end of the world as we know it.

I believe that we are on our way to a beautiful new way of living, free of the domination of power that has held on for so long. But before building new we need to tear down the old and while the new world will certainly be lovely to behold, we might want to take care to not get hit on the head by too many debris while the reconstruction is going on.

More than ever before it is time to realize that you yourself are a creator. You choose for yourself what kind of experience you would like to have while the old structures come falling down. Would you like an experience of hardship and many problems or would you prefer to be only lightly touched by the changes in our world, moving gracefully out of the way when another big stone comes whining past your head?

I invite you to assume responsibility for your own reality. Would you like to be in control of your own life? Most people think they do but they don't really, you know. If the reality in which you find yourself right now seems like such an unhappy place to be that you are ready for it to change, I offer you a way Ė A Survival Kit. The Survival Kit works. I tried it.

With unconditional love
Karin Kristensen

Recieve the complete book as a PDF document by making a donation of $3 through PayPal


"Little Angel" is an illustrated book for children and adults alike. The book tells the story about Little Angel, an angelic being, that first trains as a guardian angel and later chooses to live as a human on Earth.

Download the first page as a pdf document

Recieve the complete book incl. illustrations as a PDF document by making a donation of $3 through PayPal to karinkri@gmail.com


My next book project is "The Sisterhood". Ten women swore a pledge 52.000 years ago as The Temple of Love is about fall. Meet them again in 2098.

Download the first chapter as a pdf document